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Voelkl Firefighting boots Primus 21 ESD electrostatic discharge footwear

The Primus family is growing: Primus 21 ESD is born!

VÖLKL ® proudly presents the new Primus 21 ESD: dissipative (according to DIN EN 61340-4-3:2002), and certified according to the ESD classes 1-3.

Primus 21 ESD protects people and technology: As we know, the fire brigades of the chemical and petrochemical industry are exposed to certain risks and therefore have special requirements. Traditionally, certified fire-fighting boots have not fulfilled the requirements for highly explosive atmospheres and protection against electrostatic discharge. The new Primus ESD (electrostatic discharge) is our latest product that dutifully meets these special needs.

Primus 21 and more: Just like our Primus 21, the Primus 21 ESD features high quality, comfort and lightness. The characteristic VÖLKL injection-moulded soling for fire-fighting boots allows us to offer you an easy and highly absorbant companion for your missions. By developing a new rubber and PU blend, our Primus 21 ESD satisfies more than what is required by the current fire-fighting boots Universal Classification Standard (EN 15090:2006) by also offering the ESD Class 1-3 for electrostatic discharge (according to DIN EN 61340-4-3:2002).

Furthermore, you will benefit from the proven advantages of our VÖLKL Primus 21 Sympatex membrane. A pleasant foot environment, easy maintenance and a perfect fit are just some of the properties that make it worth your while to learn more by exploring our primus webpage.

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VÖLKL Leutnant andLeutnant Pro

Get your wellies out of the locker ... and fill it with VÖLKL Professionals Leutnant Pro and Leutnant!

Our Leutnant boots are the perfect fire-fighting boots for those looking for high quality yet reasonably priced professional leather boots. This makes them the ideal substitute for fire fighters who seek greater comfort than their customary rubber boots provide. The specially adapted form allows for a quick entry and exit while providing a firm grip when walking. Our Leutnant Pro is equipped with a functional textile lining as well as ankle padding. These features enhance the comfort of the boot significantly, which is especially crucial on long missions.

On a small budget, you gain boots that do not compromise on safety. With the Leutnant, you benefit from the standard VÖLKL injection-moulded soles for better damping, insulation and a lighter weight product. Furthermore, our Leutnant boots meet the HI3 standard and are ideal for indoor emergency situations.

Boots that don't break the bank! Quality characteristics that no other manufacturer can offer in this price range:
  • To improve aesthetics, for our VÖLKL Leutnant and Leutnant Pro we use only high quality hydrophobic Waterproof full-grain leather with a thickness of 2,4-2,6 mm.
  • Reflective stripes on the front and back of the shaft increase the visibility of the wearer even in difficult lighting conditions
  • Optimal damping, grippy and insulating PU-rubber soles, which we also use in our premium lace-up boots Primus, Primus 21 Sympatex, Primus 21 CS and Primus 21 ESD.
Voelkl Rescue boots and shoes for ambulance sercices

Safe lifes with VÖLKL Rescue: the new VÖLKL® range for ambulance services

The moment has arrived: VÖLKL proudly presents the new VÖLKL Rescue Klett (Velcro) and VÖLKL Rescue Zip. With these models, we offer perfect companion for long duration missions in all weather conditions.
  • Breathability and insulation: The newly developed internal design optimizes the airflow and makes the shoe thus extremely breathable. The injection-moulded PU / rubber sole design allows an optimal insulation from very hot or very cold temperatures. In this way this boot concept could assert itsself in the winter testing and in mediterranean temperatures. In addition, the processing of waterproof materials (waterproofed leathers, water-repellent textiles and sewing thread) guarantees dry feet.
  • Lightness and damping: The incection moulded sole, typical for all VÖLKL products,is made of a thin, highly abrasion-resistant rubber layer and is completely filled with a thick layer of light polyurethane. This allows the production of a lightweight, flexible ambulance boot with a pleasant tread thanks to the extremely strong damping.

The result are two lightweight and comfortable boots, certified according to EN20345 S3, that defy any burden in the emergency service.

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