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Quality Made in Germany

VÖLKL: Professionalism and Quality Made in Germany

In order to implement our high quality standards, we rely on "Made in Germany". In addition to our well trained employees, we benefit from the centralization of our key activities such as product development, production, logistics and quality control. With modern production methods such as the fully automated injection moulded soling, we can combine high quality with efficient production. Our processes ensure that only well manufactured products with highest qualitative standarts are delivered.
  • The raw materials are systematically controled before they go into production
  • Our employees verify the quality of semi-final products after every production step. That enables us to identify problems instantly and rectify them immediately
  • We test the final products through our company owned laboratory regularly

Our Laboratory

Our laboratory constitutes an important part of our VÖLKL Quality Management. It fulfills three major functions:
  • Testing newly developped Innovations on their effectiveness and impact. Thus we can ensure that only highly effective innovations are marketed and incorporated in our products.
  • Raw materials are systematically controlled before running through production. It is our strong belief that a generally high qualitative standard can only be achieved with first class materials.
  • Finished products are regularly tested for their technical performances. Thus we can ensure that you'll get the best companion for your feet.
en Find out how our laboratory looks like. We will explain some of our testing machines and their functionalities. Get an idea about our VÖLKL Quality Management System. More on our testing machines ...
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